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Home Office Decorating for Inspired Working

Your home office – your home, your workplace – is an everyday challenge. You are happy and free here – hey, it’s home, and you are strong and disciplined – well, it’s your office. You are making it work – it is a great balancing act. You do great for while and then the strain starts showing…. It is time for home office decorating.

So, you look at your office from a fresh perspective, your cupped hands resting your head. Is your office too austere-looking? Do you need to pamper yourself a little? Would you like to drag your lazy boy in here and place it next to your window where it is nice and bright? You spend two thirds of your day cooped up in your home office. Mm… that feels good. May be it is time to take out that soft, peach-cream curtain your mother gave you on your twenty fifth birthday. And oh, the dandy, bright colored, shallow, cane baskets you got from the warm south should make such great holders for all the odds and ends that clutter up your table. Now, will it be too much if you brought in your snuggly, little, pale pink cushions from your bedroom armchair too? It won’t hurt to try. Your home office decorating might really liven you up and help you get into the groove.

Or, may be, you have been too soft on yourself, too indulgent, so that your cushy décor makes you slide deeper into your padded, nest of an office chair. Your home office decoration may take a cue from this. You could spruce the place up a little; have a trimmer, neater arrangement. You could add some smart, office table usables that don’t cost much. A prim file cabinet, an elegant pen stand, a dapper table lamp may make you shake yourself right out of your indolence. You could also clear up the corners of your room, drag out all the comfy, homey knick knacks you have accumulated over time.

Your home office decorating has much to do with your productivity. Making little changes every now and then – adjusting, readjusting, brightening up, softening, adding a sparkle, refurbishing – subtle changes here and there, work wonders with your spirits and you find yourself all itching to start working right away. The expense is small, the gain is immense. You owe it to yourself. You have been such a good girl.

5 Home Office Decorating Ideas

These days, everyone needs a home office to pay the household bills and work on things that you’ve taken home from the office, but that’s no reason for the room to be boring! Here are some home office decorating ideas that will put some zing in your office.

Spice It Up With Color

No one wants to sit in a boring white room, even if you are in there to pay bills or work so why not put some bold splashes of color in the room to liven it up? Start with the walls and don’t be afraid to use something bright – you can always just paint over it later if you don’t like it! Choose 2 complimentary colors and use one for your major items like floors and walls and the other for accessories like pillows and desk “stuff” such as pencil holders and in baskets. Try to choose other items such as artwork that will pull the two colors together.

Go On Safari

Have an adventure in your office by giving it a safari theme. You can put in lots of plants – especially the large floor plants and paint the walls a rich golden tan or wallpaper with bamboo wallpaper. Use a dark mahogany desk for a rich look. How about a zebra or tiger striped rug? Be sure to use lamps, wastebasket, pencil holders and wall art that reflects the safari theme. You can find plenty of items that have elephants, giraffes, monkeys and the like on them to complete your look.

How About A Tropical Vacation?

One of my favorite home office decorating ideas is to give it a tropical theme – that way you can feel like you are on vacation even when you are working. Again, using plants is key to give the room a lush tropical feel. Use bright colors like sky blue or yellow on the walls and have bright tropical fabrics for your guest chairs and pillows. Try putting up palm tree and beach prints or paintings on the walls and keep your desk accessories in tropical colors.

Get A Skyline View

Did you always want an office with a view? Well you can have one in your own home by installing a wall mural that has a skyline view of any city you choose. These murals are pretty easy to put up since they come in two or 3 sheets and are just like wallpaper. This will really transform your room and you can sit at your desk and feel like you are in mahogany row on the top floor of a skyscraper!

Add An Art Collection

If your walls are boring, why not add an art collection to your office? Here you can put up dozens of paintings or photographs spaced evenly on the walls much like a gallery. It’s a great place to show off your collection and will give you added incentive to go into your home office.

Home office decorating ideas don’t have to be elaborate, just some simple changes can make your home office a more pleasant place to be. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get any more work done, but you’ll sure enjoy the room more!

Modern Home Office Decorating Ideas

A home office might not get a lot of non-work related use but just because you have to work in there doesn’t’ mean it can’t have great style! Here are some home office decorating ideas that will give your room sleek modern style.

The first thing you need to consider is the color palette and there’s nothing worse than a bland office. Choose a modern color palette such as black, tan and white colors as your color scheme. If you want something more colorful pick one bright color like red or orange that you can use for accents to really make the room pop.

There isn’t a lot of accessories that one associates with a home office, but you can make the room interesting by buying neat modern pencil holders, trash basket and in boxes. For furniture, stick to a modernistic style with dark or light stained wood furniture. Careful selection of accessories and furniture will benefit your modern decorating look. Make sure you pick ones that have plain but interesting shapes.

Window treatments can really add to your modern home office decorating ideas and choosing a style that is somewhat minimalist is key. Try enhancing your windows with sheers or some good quality blinds. After you get the ideal look on your windows, you might realize the walls are bland by comparison. To get your walls looking as great as your windows, consider adding black and white photos in sleek dark frames.

The ideal lighting can also help to accentuate your decorating theme as well as make your work tasks easier. offices usually have desk lamps as lights but you also need good overhead lighting as well as some accent lights for guest seating. Buy lighting that is chrome and funky or sleek chrome to augment the modern home decorating style design approach.

Another key component that will help give the room designer appeal together is flooring and adding wall to wall carpet to your modern office can make the room look great. The ideal kind of flooring for your stylish and sleek style is shag or medium pile in white, black or beiges.

The finishing touches give your room a unique appeal so think about enhancing your modern style with sleek aluminum accents, a bamboo plant in a low vase combined with stainless steel bowls, angular pieces, and some retro kitsch to make the most of your interior decorating scheme. For a softer look add pillows that are simple with solid colors In addition to greenery and plants.

You can get more modern home office decorating ideas by looking in magazines and decorating books. The key is coming up with a plan for your color palette as well as the items you will need to buy. Make sure you follow your plan and buy the best items and your room will have the feel of a sleek designer home before you know it!

Easy and Practical Home Office Decorating Ideas

When creating a home office, decorating ideas can be hard to come by because this is not a traditional room in the house. More and more often, however, a home office is needed to keep work organized and get it done efficiently.

There are some practical and simple home office decorating ideas that will make your home-based work space comfortable, efficient and attractive as well. It is important to remember that a home office is different from a commercial office; it has to fit into the decor of the rest of the house. Sometimes it has to fit into the décor of a specific room.

The first step in decorating a home office is to figure out what is needed. Make a list of the items required to get the job done efficiently, including furnishings, lighting, shelving, storage, work space and equipment. Then create a plan of how everything should be arranged and organized to create the best flow and most efficient use of the space. For example, if you will be sitting at a desk and using the phone a lot. Make sure the phone is easily reached and can be hooked up near the desk.

Keep the cabinets and storage units that are used most frequently close by and easy to get to. This limits the length and number of interruptions to the work flow when you need to get supplies. Storage does not always have to mean metal file cabinets or industrial book shelves – unless that is the theme you want.

Use your imagination and be creative when coming up with storage, space and office decorating ideas. You may even find things around the house that can be put to good use in the home office. Baskets, decorative boxes and bins all work great for office storage, and they look nice as well. A coat of paint here and there can bring a group of bins, baskets and shelves together to turn them into a set of matching accessories. Shelves make excellent storage space, and they are a good alternative to having everything in draws and filing cabinets.

One of the best home office decorating tips is to keep it warm and inviting; someplace you want to be. Since you have to go in there to work, home office space should be as comfortable as possible. Create a space that you enjoy spending time in, and you will find that your work time becomes more enjoyable and not so stressful, even though you are doing the same work.

One of the benefits of working at home is just that – you get to stay home. So be sure to give your home office the same ambiance that you enjoy in the rest of your house.

Home Office Decorating Guide

Having a home office is like putting your rest house inside your workspace. When one decides to move out of the common office layout in the four walls of the building, first thing that comes into mind is design. When creating such new space, this is the very first thing that one would like to deal with. These are the basic things that one should consider about home office decorating:

What can be the look of my workspace? How should I decorate it? What are the possible colors and decors that can fit with the office equipment that I have?

When one thinks of these questions, it is already automatic to think of the budget as well as the available furniture pieces and office equipment to save on time and effort. In this way, one becomes resourceful and responsible in taking care of the available pieces and equipment which can be reused over time.

Now that one has taken into consideration these aspects, one is ready to deal with the decoration of the whole workspace. Decoration is an aspect of design wherein you look at details and deal with its interplay with the whole space as well as the technicalities of designing. Decorating then is the art of extracting out-of-the box designs that will definitely enliven the whole work space and add up to the general design executed.

Aside from dealing with the colors which speak of the general design, one should be able to imagine how these colors will blend well using the mix of soft furnishings, furniture pieces and finishes inside the interior.

To help you with your decorating ideas, you may try browsing through interior design magazines that speak a lot of how to’s and easy home tips that will help you manage with decorating your home office without the fuss.

Lastly, decorating your home office should not be a pressure at all. In fact, it is a lot whole fun as it will definitely crack up your mind and challenge the innate creativity in you. Just always remember that decorating your own space is a reflection of you. No matter what design you have for it, it should always be what suits you and your lifestyle